The weather is getting hotter and hotter with the summer time coming, and  inflatable water slides will be the most popular game for children and adults. When you use the inflatable for a long time, the damage is going to happen. With human jumping, sliding and the environment factors can cause holes, cuts, mildew and leakage. This article is going to tell you how to maintain and repair the inflatable water slides and other inflatable bouncers.

1, What are the materials used to make an inflatable water slide?

Knowing the inflatable materials will help you with the repairs. For commercial inflatables, they are usually made from a combination of three strong materials, the vinyl, nylon and polyvinyl. This combination of material is nearly unbreakable, for example, PVC tarpaulin, made of 3-5 layers of materials, super durable! The residential use inflatables are not as strong, use more cheaper materials to lower the cost.

water slide

2, Mold & Mildew

The mold and mildew is the most common problem for the inflatable water slides. If you pack the water slide up before it’s totally dried, the damp will cause mildew and mold very easily. If the mildew and mold grows will cause damage to your inflatable material. You can follow these steps to make it clean:

a) Use the specialized cleaner to spray the mildew area, you can use dish soap and warm water if do not have the cleaner.

b) Use a soft sponge, softly scrub until clean.

c) Flush the area with a water hose.

d) Find a good household disinfectant and spray the surface to kill bacteria and give a good smell.

e) Make it completely dry and then deflate and package.

3, Punctures or Tears

The punctures and tears are very common issues on the inflatables. For your inflatable water slides, if you can not find the tear location, you can spray the surface with soapy water. Once the soapy water contact the leaked air, there will be bubbles that you can see. After you find the tear, cut a proper size patch which is bigger than the tear, use the adhesive, apply to the back, press and hold firmly.

If the tears are much more serious in the seams, you can try your best to sew up the area with the attached repair kit, or ask for help from a professional. Follow the stitching to sew up the torn area and going a little extra further. Then use a patch to cover the area and sew extra around the tear to give extra protection. After you finish, turn the blower on to double check the procedure has worked.

4, Repair the Blower

This repair is much more professional, unless you have special skills in repairing motors, otherwise we suggest you to buy a new one. The blower is not as expensive as the inflatable, you can buy a new blower on the Internet. When shopping for a blower, you need to tell the supplier how big is your inflatable so that they can advise you the best blower with enough power to inflate your bouncer.

Proper maintenance is very important to keep your inflatables last longer. You don’t want to send your inflatable water slide back to the factory on the hottest day, so make some prepare for the maintenance is necessary. If you have special requirements on the inflatable repair kits, please let me know when you make a purchase at Sunjoy Inflatables.


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