Structural Advantages of Art Zoo Inflatable Park


Title: Structural Advantages of Art Zoo Inflatable Park

Author: Daniel Liu  <2018-9-28  Zhengzhou>


I'll share my thoughts on ART ZOO animal-themed inflatable park in Singapore, please refer to the photo below.

Their product categories are very less and simple.In the ART ZOO inflatable park, there are only five inflatable product categories, bouncy castle, inflatable slide, maze, ball pit and giant advertising animal model attraction,respectively.

There are a total of 11 bouncy castles, however,only one product per other inflatable product category.

There are several advantages of such a structure of inflatable products .

1.The park is perfect for people of all ages.Whether kids,students,lovers,or friends party, home party,company event,it is all very suitable.Most importantly,the customers take thousands of amazing photos or videos by their phones or cameras,and then upload on the social media,for example,Instagram,Facebook,Youtube.As exploding a bomb in the internet,everyone will all know the inflatable park quickly.

2.The structure can increase the  customer capacity of the inflatable park to play at the same time.

3.Because there aren't too many products in irregular shape or too high, and there are no mechanical sports inflatables, the safety of the park is high.Customers are less likely to be harmed during the game.

4.The cost of building the park is low,moreover,the production time of these inflatables is also short,the transportation cost is low.

5.There are three giant inflatables or  advertisement animal model attractions at least in the park.They can help to reduce the advertisement cost or promotion cost largely.We can also say that these giant advertisement animal model attractions have inherent advertisement attributes.

So,If you are planing to building an inflatable park,you will need to purchase five inflatable categories at least :bouncy castle,inflatable slide,maze,ball pit,giant advertisement animal model attraction.

The design not only guarantees the diversity and playability of the inflatable park, but also reduces the production cost and marketing cost, and improves the customer capacity and profit of the park.



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